A University of Cordoba study developed a strategy that detects up to 400 lipids in plasma samples and cuts analysis costs

Jueves, 06 Febrero 2020 08:20

The Objective: Olive Trees More Resistant to Xylella

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The LIFE Resilience project establishes sustainable management practices and develops olive genotypes resistant to this bacteria, which is inflicting massive economic damage in Europe

The Diverfarming project seeks a paradigm shift in European agriculture through the diversification of crops and the rational use of resources

Jueves, 23 Enero 2020 08:19

A Project to Address China’s Water Crisis

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The 'Pirural' research groups seek to decontaminate aquifers and save water in the Asian behemoth

A research project at the University of Cordoba studied the behavior of a highway made from recycled materials in situ from nearby demolished homes for ten years

The BOOST project is working on a European social and emotional learning program aimed at training Primary Education teachers

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